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5 Winged Beastie Doodles for Your Free Use!

June 1, 2012 34 comments

I added 5 new doodles (winged creature theme this time) to my website for your own personal (free) use: humbat dragon, winged daymare, caterfly daisy, flying desert vulpix, and skyhorse.

Visit: for all my doodles. Check out deviant art gallery if you prefer to view my doodles there or want to comment on a specific doodle.

Also, check out my Guest Exhibition on Ink. Anette, the blog writer/owner (of Ink.), picked out 15 of my doodles that she thought fit and created an exhibit for my work. Is that cool or what? If you aren’t following her you may want to check out the site and follow. Lots of fun, artsy stuff.

Reminder: I will add new doodles to this site as I sketch ’em up. Appreciate a link back if you use my doodles on your site or blog. I love to see the creative ways they are used and would rather have them spread everywhere than just sit on my site collecting digital dust – so if you used one for something fun, let me know.

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And as always thanks for flying by. 🙂