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6 Bugs ‘n Bots Doodles for Your Free Use!

Grasshopper Controller

I added 6 new doodles (bugs ‘n bots  theme this time) to my website for your own FREE use: termite rider, spider rider, fly flier, ladybug rider, caterpillar surfer, and grasshopper controller.


If you use a doodle please link back or credit. Also if you do something cool with one or more of my doodles let me know.  I recently noticed, while browsing my name on Google to see where I come up, that someone from Sweden used a few of my doodles for a short iPad story thingy. I have not translated what it says and cannot even download it, but thought it cool that someone on another continent actually found and used some of my doodles.

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I have also uploaded my doodles to a deviant art gallery if you prefer to view them there or want to comment on a specific doodle.

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And as always thanks for hopping, flying, or crawling by. 🙂