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The Philosophy of Indie Publishing – Introduction

February 20, 2012 13 comments


Indie (Independent) publishing is becoming more popular every day. As someone concerned with the best way to publish my book once it is complete, I’ve read every book, listened to every podcast, watched every video, and read every blog post I could get my paws on within the last few years. Throughout this time I have developed my own take on where I think things are heading for the book publishing industry and why some publishing models will, in the long run, be better for both the author and consumer.

Technology has given authors the means to bypass the traditional route. The Internet is a game changer – and it is an exciting one for writers. Even though the industry is changing, and the stigma of “self” or “indie” publishing is diminishing day by day…there still is a lingering  group of people vying for the traditional route. Holding on dearly to the dream of having their book on a physical bookshelf for a limited time within brick and mortar shops. Shops that are getting scarcer by the day as more and more people buy ereaders and consider the convenience of online shopping.

My “Philosophy of Indie Publishing” blog posts will address various aspects of indie publishing (vs. traditional publishing).

Some questions that may be pondered and addressed are:

  • What are some of the pros and cons?
  • Why will the consumer be benefitted with Indie?
  • What does it mean that the author holds all of the rights to their book?
  • Does the author have to do more work because they have to do all of their own marketing?
  • How has the Internet changed the way people can bring their book to people?
  • What does indie publishing mean for time frames to publish?
  • How do we get around the issue of quality control if anyone can publish a poorly written book?
  • Who will determine the quality of a book if not some traditional gatekeeper?
  • How will indie publishing help with education?
  • How does it support freedom of speech?
  •  What does it mean that people can display their ideas and concepts with the only gatekeeper being the reader, rather than a small group of people who say “no”?
  • Are ebooks the future of reading?
  • Why will indie publishing be important for philosophers and the expansion of ideas?
  • What are some future possibilities for ereaders?
  • What of formatting and cover art?
  • How is indie publishing a better model for the environment?

…and a whole lot more.

This is the first of a series of blog posts on this topic that I plan to write.  Each post beginning with the title “The Philosophy of Indie Publishing – X” (X being the specific topic) will address specific questions or points about indie publishing. On the right hand side these posts can be filtered by clicking the “Publishing” category. Stay tuned!

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