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Consider writing a nonfiction book.

You should consider writing a nonfiction book about something you know. Something that you may have thought long and hard about in which others may not have. Something that is passionate to you. And most importantly, something you think will be helpful and have a positive effect.

Do you have little known information that solves a problem? What changes would make the world a better place? Do you have a viable solution?

Of course the book writing process is no easy task. Most people who try to write a book give up before it is ever completed. This is understandable. It is a thankless and grueling task in the beginning. Most people (such as myself) require full time jobs to support themselves. So they have to make time to write. I do so on my lunch hour and at home, but it is difficult to do so consistently. It is tiring to write after you have worked all day.

But it is doable! – as long as you keep yourself inspired. Sure it may take longer than the person who is able to write fulltime for a living. You do not have to write your book all at once. Do so in small consistent chunks. They add up quicker than you can imagine.

Ignore people who are skeptical of you writing a book. They project their own feeling and insecurities on to you. They may say things like “Do you know how many books are written each year and read by only a few?” They miss the point.

The point is, everyone has something to offer. Detracting from people wanting to better the world, even if such desires are idealistic and may only reach a few, leads to people casting their writing to the side for American Idol. Is that really what they are looking to do?

It is easy to find yourself in this mentality, believe me, I know. I fight the battle of laziness every day, and it is never helpful when detractors promote it. I would rather relax on my lunch hour, and sometimes I succumb to that. But then I read or watch something that inspires me to keep moving on my book project. Keeping inspired is a key to completing that book. I intend to keep inspired and it is working well.

Ignore those detractors. They are simply mistaken in regards to what really has importance. Leaving something that has a chance to affect the world positively after you die is better than doing nothing at all. Make your thoughts heard, before those thoughts cease to exist. It is worth the investment of your time, and it is in your ability. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Are you considering writing a book?

Have you considered it but never started, or started but never finished? If so, what has kept you?

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