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The Belief in Free Will Rocks!

That is right. Believing in free will is great.

You know, free will, that odd ability to, of my own accord, choose to eat a muffin instead of a bagel or a bagel instead of a muffin. That special ability that makes both of these possible and the choice of one of them stem from me rather than something external of me. That magical ability that allows me to eat that bagel by my own volition. What power. What awesomeness. What a load of…

Err…umm. As I was saying. Belief in free will. It gives us such totally cool things like:

  • Allows us to blame people who are not to blame. Isn’t that super? Who wouldn’t want to put the smackdown on an undeserving person?
  • Allows us to be more deserving than others. Who wouldn’t want to put themself above others? Sweet! A great excuse to horde everything for yourself.
  • Allows us to make unfair laws. Fairness is for suckers anyway.
  • Allows us to disregard causes. We can just blame the person instead of look for a cause. Trying to find causes is way too much work. Think of the energy we save.

I can go on and on about the pure awesomeness that the belief in free will grants us.

Too bad I don’t believe in free will.

My name is ‘Trick Slattery, and I am an incompatibilist.

A hard incompatibilst to be precise (go ahead, feel the muscles). This means that I believe free will is incompatible in both a deterministic universe as well as an indeterministic universe. That it is a logical impossibility. I explain why in the book
Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind coming to future near you. Why would I put out such a book with all of the awesomeness that the belief in free will entails? Hmmm, good question.

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