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My First Blog Post

I figure it is time to blog about things in my head during my journey of writing my first non-fiction book: Breaking the Free Will Illusion for the Betterment of Humankind (tentative title). I have been writing this book for quite a number of years in my spare time. Mostly during my lunch hour at work and break. Due to this it is a slow going process. I am over 54,000 words in on my first draft. I am thinking it will end up at around 60,000 or so words. Then it is time to edit and polish it(translation: rewrite it). I intend to illustrate the book myself. Two of my fortes are art and philosophy, so I figure they will make for a good combination in my book.

The book itself is a work of passion. I am passionate about this topic, and I debate it often. It is a topic that I have been thinking about for over fifteen years now. I am what, in philosophical terms, is called a hard incompatibilist. This means that I believe free will is incompatible in both a deterministic universe as well as an inderministic universe. That free will is logically impossible.

The book goes into why this is the case, and in my opinion, the case is undeniable. But the intention of the book is not just to explain why this is so in laypersons terms, but to explain what it all means and why it is so important. It IS important. It is also my intention to explain why the psychology that the notion of free will has imposed is harmful. One that has been keeping humanity down.

Of course this will be controversial, so I expect backlash. Especially from those that do not give the book a chance. My blog posts will be sort of sporadic, quick thoughts as I write my book. They may be about philosophy, about book writing, about publishing, or just about some off topic subject I have been thinking about.

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